Plug Pals

Mainly a pilot scheme to meet prisoners on their release from HMP Highdown and help them return to Croydon to their address or to an appointment whichever is first.

Upon further research and input from service users we decided to widen the remit of the pilot to include anyone with substance misuse issues for any appointment they might feel uncertainty around.Conduct at meetings

Such as:

This list is only a guide of the service we offer but we are flexible around the clients needs. You can refer yourself or ask a keyworker to help you in the first instance by getting in contact with us.

You will be asked what you would like peer support for and then arrange a time to meet a mentor to talk about what they can offer you. If you are a keyworker and wish to arrange for a PLUG Pal to meet someone for extra support, again please call the number above and give the details of what you need a mentor to do and it can be arranged.

Could you be a Peer Mentor for someone else?

Peer mentoringHave you got knowledge about

PLUG PALS are looking for volunteers.